Aviva problem updating virus signatures famous dating

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Aviva problem updating virus signatures

So manual update does not work -- just like Curly Sue stated!I've personally installed another antivirus software, perhaps in a few months or next year I'll try Avira again and hopefully they've fixed it by then. [UPD] [ERROR] Generation of update structure failed. Summary: ******** 2 Files downloaded 0 Files installed Same here, but my report reads differently. Curly Sue I can also add to this, glad I'm not alone.This, after Avira successfully updated just seconds before this. seeks x VDF (which will not see the file) or n VDF (which sees the file, but does not install it). I'm a Win XP Pro SP3 user and Avira Free Antivirus won't update automatically or manually.Avira Free has not updated correctly for me since March 10. I have seen responses from Avira suggesting they think it's a proxy issue and/or only a Win XP issue -- that's bull.

I was glad to find later that Avira was back on track, and I was, and still am, using the same computers when I returned to it (Win XP Pro SP3).Product version: ;OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (Service Pack 1) 64 bit [UPDLIB] [ERROR] The checksum of the file C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\TEMP\UPDATE\ave2\win32\int\gz is different than the one specified in the info file [UPD] [INFO] The control files will be downloaded again. [UPD] [INFO] Checking whether newer files are available. in fact, given this new, pathetically abbreviated forum, I'd submit Avira is TOTALLY in the DUMPSTER and in the morning I will be initiating a broadcast email to over 7000 clients to DUMP Avira and install Avast!No, I most certainly will NOT "own" a problem that is not mine, so will NOT attempt to update manually.If after a month's time Avira has not replaced the current files waiting in the wings with corrected versions to fix this problem, it's bye-bye-birdie.

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Effective malware protection is only possible with an up-to-date virus definition file.

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